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Jul 12, 2015

New Web Site Up

Finally, I have the new site up. So if you go to you will start seeing new posts again. The main reason for the change is Google's requirement for sites to use HTTPS to remain highly ranked. Since there appears to be no easy way to add HTTPS to blogger, I decided to roll my own Markdown based blog. It is very raw still, but will get the job done as I continue to improve it. But is is nice to simplify things. Blogger is simple to use, but not much fun to design or customize.

This site will stay up as long as blogger stays up. I will try to migrate popular pages and links to the new site. Anything like that I will of course link to in the old posts.

Also, I would like to thank Google for building Blogger and letting me host this blog for so long on it. The devs must have done something right to make a tool that has lasted so long.

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