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Dec 1, 2014

Working on BlueSky Workshop Redesign and SSL

You will notice I have started on a web site redesign of Blue Sky Workshop and blog over the Thanksgiving break. The changes have been made to make the site more mobile friendly. If you do access the site with a phone, you will see the mobile template is now enabled for the blog.

The new design is a single column. Right now all navigation has been moved below the posts at the bottom of the page. However, I do plan to move some navigation back to the top after I give things a little more thought.

The How-To part of the site still needs quite a bit of a work. It looks ok on a phone, but really needs a complete update. This could take a while.

Finally, I have begun the process of converting the site to support SSL. The certificate is installed on the server and already works. However, I have a bunch of templates and such that need to be updated for support https URLs.

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