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Dec 8, 2014

Another Bizarre Apple App Store Decision

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Panic software’s Transmit FTP app was forced to lose some functionality in its last update. (See story on 9 to 5 Mac). Apparently someone at the Apple app store thinks it a “bad” idea to transfer files from your iPhone or iPad to iCloud drive??? Pretty amazing.

If you don’t know, iCloud drive is Mac equivalent to Dropbox or Google Drive. As a user I can transfer or copy any file I want to iCloud drive. That is the whole point. To keep my data synced between devices. So why wouldn’t I want a convenient app to do the same thing on my phone? Makes no sense. Sounds like a decision made by someone who has never really used iCloud drive.

My guess is this will get reversed but not after Apple embarrasses itself again. It would seem like they could avoid the bad press if they just consulted a geek.

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