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Oct 19, 2014

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite - Issues and Observations

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This weekend was my first chance to upgrade one of my Macs to OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Here are the initial observations/issues.

  • The update went smoothly. No real issues during the install. The new fonts and the flatter design looks a LOT different!
  • VMWare Fusion 5 Does not appear to work with Yosemite. Not sure about Fusion 6. I suppose now I need to update all my machines to Fusion 7 (/sigh). Love the software. I just hate upgrading stuff.
  • Screen Sharing, the free built in VNC client for OS X has moved. So the icon I had for it in the Dock turned into a question mark. I will make a separate post for its new location. It is still in the OS just in a different location.
  • Apparently, iCloud Drive is an all or nothing proposition. You cannot enable it until you have updated all of your Macs to Yosemite and all of you devices to iOS 8. If it is installed on only one device, that device will no longer be able to sync iCloud data with the non iCloud Drive machines or devices. Good to know, but frustrating. I really want to try this out!!! But my main work machine is a Mac and I need to wait a week or two before upgrading to see if there are any serious issues. I so want to try out that new feature!

If you want to make a USB copy of Yosemite, follow these instructions. They are pretty straitforward and do not require that you install a third party utility or script.

That is it for now. If I encounter anything else exciting, I will post again.

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