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Aug 3, 2014

Microsoft’s Long Slow Decline Etc

On Wednesday, John Gruber linked to his post on Microsoft’s decline from 5 years ago. The post is well worth reading because it seems to have predicted a lot of Microsoft’s fortunes of late. The main point being, Apple owns the high end machines leaving only cheap low margin machines for Microsoft.

Reading the post brings a thought to mind for me about the current state of software and how we use it. Especially as it relates to Microsoft.

Why do we still use Office?

Why are we still using software designed to create PAPER documents? No one distributes paper books anymore for software, not for manuals, not for training, not for anything I can think of. We create PDFs that are really only usable on desktop or laptop computers (on a tablet with software). It seems like we should be using tools that create HTML. That way, we can publish documents on the Net, or on a device, or in an ePub document. Heck you could still print it if you wanted to. I think our “tools” need a rethink. But alas, programs like PowerPoint have hardly changed in 15 years.

Will Microsoft change and adapt to the new landscape? Maybe. They still have time and money. The question is can they change their mindset.

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