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Jul 28, 2014

Lucy Quick Review (2.5/5)

Well I saw Lucy on the weekend so here is my quick review. The story is just what you see in the previews, an exchange student in Taiwan stumbles into a dangerous situation with drug dealers. They force her to become a drug mule and put a packet of drugs in her stomach which leaks and causes her to get really smart, etc…

The first half of the movie is pretty good. The story gets set up and Lucy starts to kick some butt. However, as the movie progresses too much time is wasted in pointless and silly chase and shootout scenes. A few years back I really liked the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless which had a similar plot. What was cool about that movie, when the main character was smart, he did SMART STUFF! He made contingency plans, he anticipated what might happen. This film script lacks that smartness. Unfortunately, Lucy is not as interesting once she gets smart. And the ending is pretty silly.

No complaints about the acting. That was fine. Just too bad the script could not be a little bit better. Probably would recommend waiting for this on DVD.

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