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Jun 11, 2014

Violet Blue goes off on Google+

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Saw this over the weekend about Google+. It is a rant by San Francisco blogger Violet Blue about identity issues related to Google+, and there are many! So I won’t attempt to go into them, as she hit the highlights pretty well.

Trying to eliminate aliases was just a bad idea. Would you prevent Mark Twain from setting up an e-mail account just because that isn’t his real name? It would make more sense to me that if you want to authenticate your identity, offer that as a special service. Then allow users to decide if they want to allow unknown folks to post to their site, G+, or YouTube.

She also mentions the location stuff related to search that is a pet peeve of mine. Sometimes I want to search ALL OF GOOGLE for something. Now if I want to do a search on say web development or job listings, I can only get listings for Denver. Very irritating and a very big bug if you ask me.

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