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Jun 10, 2014

Swift Looks Interesting

Apple 3D Blue Logo

Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I was doing a pilot last week and was just too busy to get online and post. Anyway, I’m back.

So the Apple Developer Conference was last week in San Francisco. The biggest announcement for me was the Swift programming language. Apple created a new modern programming language that is on equal footing with Objective C.

Introducing Swift

This is great news for anyone who as ever been interested in programming for the Mac or iOS but have been put off by Objective C. Put me in that camp. Objective C has some cool features, but the learning curve is pretty steep. Since most of my time is spent with Java or Web related stuff (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), that leaves little time to try and pick up other stuff.

A lot folks seem to be comparing Swift to Python, which is a positive sign. Anyway, looks like it may be time to try and make an App! :)

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