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Jun 10, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Quick Review (4/5)

Saw Edge of Tomorrow Saturday at the cineplex. The movie previews pretty much tell the basic story, which is kind of a Groundhog Day premise but in a scifi context. Basically, humanity is staging a sort of D-Day invasion of Europe. Tom Cruises character gets swept up in events and ends up on the beach. Eventually he gets killed and ends up back in the previous day. So now it is his chance to save the world.

The story is well written and makes sense given the world created. There are a nice mix of comedic and dramatic moments throughout the movie. I actually found the ending surprising which is nice for a change. Cruise and Emily Blount are great and perfect for their parts.

My only nitpick is that Hollywood directors DO NOT understand firearms in any way. If you shoot an automatic weapon at an alien and bunch of your fellow soldiers are standing on the other side of the alien, chances are pretty good you just killed the alien and your friends too. Could you guys please hire some vets as consultant so your scenes are somewhat plausible? Geez.

Anyway, overall, a very strong 4 out of 5. Go see it you have a chance, the special effects will be better in a theater.

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