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Apr 19, 2014

Trancendence Quick Review (2/5)

So I saw Trancendence yesterday. The basic plot is shown in the previews and commercials for the film. Johnny Depp plays a brilliant scientist who is mortally wounded and manages to transfer his mind into a computer. But has his soul transferred as well? Or has he turned into an evil machine with no soul? The movie attempts to answer this question.

The movie is well acted and well shot. There are a lot of great actors including Depp, Paul Bettany, Kate Mara, and Morgan Freeman. However, as a geek, I found the plot to be more than a bit lacking. I will make another post detailing my observations. If you are not a geek, what bothers me may not bother you, so this may result in an extra star or two for someone else. But if you feel the plot needs to hold together logically, this may not be the movie for you.

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