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Apr 22, 2014

Trancendence Plot Questions

This post contains spoilers. If you want to see the movie, read no further!

*** Contains Spoilers!!! ***

Well there are a number of plot elements that raised questions in my mind. So here is my attempt to detail some of them. This may not bother you if you are not a geek. But stuff like this in a movie tends to drive me crazy.

The AI stuff seemed fine to me. Not a lot of techno bable. The main characters are really smart and have believeable equipment. That seemed fine to me. Uploading the brain to the computer was fine too. So no issue with the first third of the movie. But once the AI is uploaded to the Internet that is when things started to get silly.

Uploading a copy of someone’s brain in 30 seconds with a tiny satellite dish seems a bit hard to believe.

Once the AI is on the net, why do you need to build a data center? Why not just use your existing lab?

How can you build something that large in like 2 weeks?

Then why build only 1 data center? Why not 2, 4, or hundreds? Gonna be much harder for the dozen or so people trying to destroy the machine to take all of those out. lol.

Why do small towns in Hollywood movies look like they are populated with ex-roadies from Led Zepelin? Apparently the director has never met a farmer or a cowboy.

Why would a God-like AI be unable to anticipate that someone would try to attack it with a virus? Also, the AI can create human bodies, but hasn’t re-written its own source code?

So the smartest being ever created is taken out by a researcher from Lawrence Livermore, an FBI agent, about 4 terrorists and about 10 mercenaries?

Why were the characters frightened by a neural interface to the Internet? If Apple were offering them, people would be lining up to buy them. lol.

Why does the wife never seem to reason with the AI? She is a brialliant scientist, not a jilted 12 year old.

So why again do we have to destroy an AI that can cure any human ailment? And, objectively has not hurt anyone?

At the end, the only solution is to destroy all electronic equipment anywhere in the world probably killing hundreds of millions of people, if not billions? And of course, setting society back 200 years. Really? The that is the “good” outcome?

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