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Apr 7, 2014

Kindle Fire TV Heats Things Up

Well last week Amazon came out with a Apple TV, Roku-like device called the Kindle Fire TV. CNET has a nice summary write up here..

Basically, it is like an Apple TV or Roku, plus Android games. From my experience, most non-tech folks have no idea what an Apple TV or Roku is. They still buy and trade DVDs to watch movies. Something like this, linked to a service they already use, will be a game changer. Looks like the ultimate Netflix box to me.

I am not sure how well the game aspect will do initially. A game control costs $40. My guess is, it would sell a lot better at $20. But I like the basic idea. You can play Minecraft on it and that will make my nieces and nephew happy.

How will Apple and Roku react? The Amazon hardware is far superior to the other two and should make for a better streaming experience. Will Apple finally come out with a killer Apple TV device? I hope this announcement is a catalyst to better Internet TV for all of us.

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