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Mar 18, 2014

Google Drive Prices Drop a LOT!

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This is from last week, but definitely worth a comment. Google has dropped their pricing on Google Drive quite a bit. The basic 100G plan went from $5 a month to $2 a month. That is a pretty good deal. I use GDrive for backups and it seems to work really well.

Wow, the price of storage is getting cheap. Before too long, these cloud companies will be paying us to their product. lol. But seriously, one has to wonder, can money be made at these prices? Or is this just a fight for market share and the prices will go back up at some point?

Then there is the practical question. With Internet connections what they are in the US, how long would it take to backup 1 Terabyte ($10 a month)? Several months? A year? Well anyway, Google is definitely well positioned if our Net speeds get faster.

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