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Jan 1, 2014

Goodbye All Things D

Much to my surprise today I found out that the All Thing D site has gone away. Apparently this is old news, but not to me. I knew Walt and Kara were in talks about the future of the site. However, I didn't expect the site to be completely gone.

So here is what has happened. The Wall Street Journal has beefed up the technology section of the paper. The new site, WSJ.D, can be found here. They have had a number of departures recently (e.g., Jessica Lessin, Walt, and Kara) but also have been hiring a lot of new folks (e.g., Joanna Stern). Here is the announcement from the journal. A couple interesting points of note for me.

  1. The new site appears to be behind the WSJ paywall. So the coverage is fully included with the paper again. Maybe this was the sticking point for Walt and Kara? Why roll back into the newspaper when you have been essentially doing your own thing for 10 years? I don't think I would have stuck around either given that scenario.

  2. Dow Jones just dropped the "All Things D" brand. Just threw it in the wastebasket. An interesting choice given the time and effort to build such a good brand.

Anyway, methinks the journal is gonna find the whole tech conference biz a little difficult without their former tech luminaries.

Kara and Walt's new venture is called Re/Code. The site goes live tomorrow (01/02). The entire All Things D staff is moving to the new venture. The final goodbye message for AllThingsD can be found here.

Well here is a little Dan Fogelberg in remembrance of old friends.

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