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Dec 28, 2013

47 Ronin - Quick Review (3/5)

47 Ronin is purported to be an action film starting Keanu Reeves. However, this is my biggest issue with the film. It is not really a full on action movie. It is instead part action movie, part legendary tale. I think the marketing for the movie might leave some disappointed, although the movie on its own is good.

The film name comes from an actual event in Japanese history where a warlord was killed under very suspicious circumstances. Thus, 47 of his followers were made into ronin, samurai without a master.

The acting is good throughout. Keanu Reeves character is sewn into the story as a half Japanese fighter with no social standing. There is a great deal of racial animosity toward him. This detracted from the story. If he was just one of the guys, just more mysterious, the story would have moved much faster leaving time for more action methinks. Thusly, the battle scenes seemed a but stunted to me except for the final one.

Anyway, recommended if you have an interest in the subject. Otherwise, wait for it on DVD.

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