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Nov 12, 2013

The iPad Air and the iOS 7 Image Bleed through Feature

Well I got the new iPad Air when it came out and it is an amazing tablet. However, having all that processing power has caused some issues for me.

Firstly, I thought I was having some sort of image bleed through or ghosting issue with my new tablet. When using the app store or browsing the web with Safari, all these big color images seemed to be ghosting from somewhere. Well it turns out, this is a feature! Apparently having images bleed through certain parts of my application are supposed to make it somehow better??? Well fortunately, there is a fix. This article from iPhone Hacks tells you exactly how to turn that effect off. It also covers how to turn off the annoying background bounce effect which has also been added.

My older phone and tablets must not be able to render these “features” adequately. lol. Anyway, I am just glad I can turn them off.

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