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Oct 2, 2013

Valve’s Steam making a Linux Play for PC Gaming

Last week Valve made three big announcements related to PC gaming and Linux.

For many years, Microsoft Windows has been the only real game in town when it comes to PC gaming. But with the emergence of the iPad and tablets, the PC business is in decline. And with the negativity surrounding Windows 8, I think Valve sees an opportunity to remake its business.

According to Wikipedia

In early 2011, Forbes reported that Steam sales constituted 50–70% of the $4 billion market for downloaded PC games and that Steam offered game producers gross margins of 70% of purchase price, compared with 30% at retail.

With that kind of pull, if you can get your customers to switch, suddenly you have a great deal more control over your own destiny than you had before. Valve would control the entire software stack, and a brave new world is born.

If they can offer a range of good PC gaming systems say from $300 up, look out. The PC world could finally see that big shift to Linux.

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