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Oct 17, 2013

Not Digging the new Yahoo so Much

Shiny Globe

There were a couple of stories on Yahoo’s declining ad revenue this week.

For years I have been a big fan for both the Yahoo News site and the Yahoo Sports site. Both sites were really well designed. Easy to read and easy to use.

However, in the last month or so, there have been wholesale changes to both. The Yahoo News site has gone to a infinite single list format. I don’t know what else to call it. Basically, when you go to a category like tech, you get one list. You can’t filter it or sort it. Just read through the list that grows infinitely as you scroll down. I just don’t find this appealing. How is this supposed to help me find interesting stories? Features like popular story links are gone as well as some categories like Sports. Maybe this is an improvement for mobile users, but they have lost me as a reader.

The sports site had one the better interfaces on the net. A very clean design. Easy to get to stories, stats and scores. Not all the cruft and crap like the ESPN site. Well, that has all changed. The infinite list works a little better on this site. But, it is a step back in my book. Also, why the microscopic fonts???? Sure, not an issue for those under 30, but for the rest of, no so great. Also, there used to be a lot of locally generated content and stories under you favorite teams. I am not sure if this has been removed or just de-emphasized.

From what I have read, the changes are a move to completely algorithm curated content like Google news. How is this gonna differentiate Yahoo? I’m not sure, but it is alienating this reader.

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