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Oct 23, 2013

Apple's New Free Apps not Always Free, or sometimes they are...

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After Apple’s big keynote yesterday, I was curious about the all the “free” apps. So I went on the Apple store on my Mac and iPad to see what I could get. Well it turns out things are not quite as “free” as they seem. Thankfully this MacWorld article layouts the details.

The basic details are this.

  • On OS X, to get the new free Mac apps, you have to install Mavericks. No free apps, for earlier versions of OS X. :(
  • On iOS, if you purchased any of the iWork or iLife apps previously, you can download those for free. However, if you did not purchase them they still cost $10 each. Thusly, you must first purchase a iPad Air or a new retina Mini before you get all the apps for free.

Confusing? Yep. If you are running iOS 7, Apple might as well make them free right now. The number of customer support and tech support questions they are gonna get on this is gonna cost a heck of a lot more money than just giving them away now. Free should not be this complicated. lol.

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