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Oct 31, 2013

Android Open Source Morphing into iOS?

In the last couple of weeks I have run into two stories on how Google and Samsung are trying to lock up Android. The gist of both stories is that although base Android is free and open source, all of the key apps you need for the OS are not. Examples with Google include: GMail, maps, voice search, Calendar, Hangouts.

Samsung just had its own developers conference where it released its own SDK. As the 800 pound Gorilla in the Android world, Samsung has a lot of pull.

So what does this mean? Well it is beginning to looks like 3 flavors of Anroid will be competing with one flavor of iOS. But long term, will an open standard like HTML5 eventually win out? Maybe something like Firefox OS will be the way to go. Anyway, it should be interesting to watch.

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