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Sep 27, 2013

How hot are the new Kindle Fires?

Well the new Kindle Fires were announced this week (7 and 9 inch with Quad core processors). When you look at the specs and the price they are a pretty amazing deal. CNET has the details.

At first glance these look like really tempting devices. However, after digging a little deeper, I have my reservations. If you get the 4G option, you cannot use the tablet as a Wifi tether. That's a must for me. My iPad makes an excellent Hotspot in a pinch. Also, it is unclear how well they connect to phones that are Wifi hotspots. Should work with newer phones, but older phones that make adhoc Wifi networks will not work.

Thusly, it looks like I may try the cheapest model as a book reader and streamer of Amazon prime videos. But, there seems to be no point in sinking the big bucks into a devices with limited options.

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