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Sep 4, 2013

Facebook Best and Worst Place to Work

The Daily Telegraph has this story on the downside to working for Facebook. According to the website, Facebook is the best company in the world to work for. But according to the Telegraph, some Facebook workers might disagree.

I always find these sort of discussions interesting. Often, it seems like a place is "the best" because you can make a lot of money. I can understand that, if you can work at a place for 2 or 3 years and come out 10 or 20 million ahead, all those long hours might be worth it. But, the big payoff is a rare and elusive beast and you only get 1 life. What happens once the chance at the big payday is gone? All nighters and long hours suddenly start to make a job lose its appeal.

Find a place with interesting work and people you enjoy being around, that is big payoff by itself.

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