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Sep 6, 2013

Continuum Season 2 and Season 3 Speculation

I posted the following to the Continuum thread on Scifi speculation is fun!

Continuum is a Canadian Scifi/Time Travel show starring Rachel Nichols. It airs on the Scifi Channel in the US on Friday nights. The second season wrapped up last Friday so I am missing me a little Continuum. But with the season end, it is time to speculate. So here goes. Woo hoo!

FREELANCERS. The freelancers are time travelers who seem to be trying to protect the current time continuum. There is a lot of confusion about these guys and their actions. So here is my explanation. First, look at the name. A freelancer is a independent contractor who does jobs for a fee. Based on their actions they don’t seem to be time “cops” because they have murdered a number of people. Instead I think they are time contractors trying to preserve a time line for someone or some organization. So keeping Kiera and the Liber8 time travelers alive must be a requirement to repair the continuum. Obviously the holding cells in the last episode are impractical for long term incarceration. So the plan must be to return them to their own time or to a time in the future. Of course, if you think about it, having a bunch of time “contractors” running “fixing” stuff does not seem like a very good idea. lol.

So to resolve the Season 2 cliffhanger, someone (e.g., Alec) goes back to the past and somehow prevents or anticipates the events that occur in the final episodes. Thus everyone is rescued. This seems the most likely outcome to me, it is a time travel show after all! So here are the scenarios for Season 3 I can think of.

(1) CONTINUE FROM SEASON 2. Alec goes back in time. He saves his girlfriend (makes her wear a vest or something). He follows the freelancers and rescues everyone. The Liber8 folks go back to being revolutionaries. Kiera and gang kiss and make up with the police. The story continues with its basic arc except maybe now Kiera and Carlos are more friendly with Julian. Not sure I would like this. The actions in the finale seemed pretty irreversible: Carlos and Betty leaving the police; Kiera wanted for murder. Hard to sweep under the rug.

(2) ALEC CHANGES CONTINUUM. TIMELINE RESET. When Alec goes back in time, he is actually able to influence events so that the outcome of Season 2 never happens. Kiera is exonerated of the murder. Carlos and Betty never leave the force. A different time line plays out over a couple of episodes. Only Alec knows how events were changed thus changing his outlook on life. Maybe Travis dies thus morphing Liber8 into a more political and less violent group? Maybe Julian takes over Liber8? So the show retains its basic format with a slightly different focus somehow. My only problem with this is Kiera is the main character and she would not be involved with this story line.

(3) KIERA CHANGES CONTINUUM. TIMELINE RESET. The whole last season alluded to the fact that Kiera was special. She was sent back in time for a reason. So next season we find out what that is. Old Alec kept secretly updating her “software”. Maybe those upgrades allow her consciousness to time travel and that is how she “dreamed” about her future. So she jumps back in time and rights some wrongs (prevents Gardiner’s murder and kicks some freelancer butt) and changes the time line. Old Alec picked her to help young him reshape the future for a reason. Something along these lines could be fun. :) Heck, maybe Kiera is Escher’s mom and Alec’s grandmother? lol. Anyway, it will be fun to find out what the writers come up with.

One final aside, I would love to see this show end like the original Back to the Future movie. She returns to her time, everything is slightly different, but better. Either that or the earth has turned into a black burning cinder. ;-)

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