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Sep 8, 2013

Batch/Mass Graphic File Conversions on OS X

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Did you know that you can do mass/batch graphic files conversions on OS X? Well you can and it is pretty easy. Here are the steps.

  1. Open Finder and select all the files you wish to convert.
    • Use Cmd-a to select all the files in a directory.
    • Use Cmd-click to pick files individually.
  2. Right-click the files and choose Open With, then select Preview.
  3. In Preview, select all the files using Cmd-a or from the menu select Edit --> Select All.
  4. From the menu select File --> Export Selected Images.
  5. Select the desired output format, for example .png.
  6. Click Choose. All your files are now quickly converted to the new format.

Very easy and very slick. Thanks to OS X Daily for originally publishing this tip.

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