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Aug 25, 2013

Hollywood Thinks Little of Me

So as of this weekend I have gone to streaming only for entertainment. I dropped my Netflix CD subscription and will stream whatever I need from now on.

To make this decision, I searched around a bit to see if I could get the most recent movies for rental online. Sure enough, you can rent most movies from Apple iTunes, Amazon, or Directv for $2 to $6. Even easier than having a DVD mailed to you. A fair price if you don't watch that many new movies (which I don't).

But there is one catch, for some period of time (60 or 90 days) the latest movies are only available for full price purchase ($15). Apparently I have no impulse control, well at least Hollywood must think that. The problem is this, if I was not willing to drive and see a movie at the theater for $12, why would someone think I would be willing to pay $15 to buy streaming rights? If I must wait 3 to 6 months before a movie becomes available on iTunes or Netflix, it would seem much more likely that I will forget about that movie and not spend any money on it. The further we get away from a theatrical release and all the marketing surrounding that, the less likely it would seem the content would be viewed. But what would I know, I am just a silly consumer will no impulse control. :)

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