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Jul 17, 2013

Easy Cygwin Software Updates with apt-cyg

Have you ever wished there was a package installer like apt or yum for Cygwin? I have. Anyway it turns out someone has created one. You can get apt-cyg from here:

To install it, follow one of these methods from with a Cygwin shell. (You have to have either wgen or svn installed on your system).

Install Method 1 Download with wget:

chmod +x apt-cyg
mv apt-cyg /bin/

Install Method 2 Download using Subversion (svn):

svn --force export /bin/
chmod +x /bin/apt-cyg

Installing Softare

Once installed add a new Cygwin package is easy. For example to install the nano editor type:

apt-cyg install nano

Of course you need to know what Cygwin packages are available, you can find the complete list of packages here:

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