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Jun 10, 2013

Was Apple WWDC Cool Enough?

Well, the much anticipated Apple WWDC was today. It was interesting to see which of the rumors turned out to be true.

We didn't see:

  • New iPads of any kind
  • A new iPhone
  • An iWatch

We did get what looks to be an awesome upgrade to iOS. Certainly the look and feel will be much improved. I was hoping for more updates with Siri, but there did not seem to be much emphasis there.

The OS X upgrades were cool, but not all that earth shattering. But that's ok with me, I think OS X is in a pretty good place where it is.

There was a lot of focus on improved battery life. The new MacBook Airs with 9 and 12hrs of charge being the best example. I like this, it would be pretty awesome in my book if the iPhone and MacBooks could get in the same range of battery life as the iPads.

The new MacPro looks interesting if not a little bit vague. I like the idea of external expandability. However, it is still nice of have things like memory and CPUs to be easily configurable. Looks like you can choose the number of cores up to 12, but there is only 1 CPU? Not sure there. Large and fast SSDs are gonna make this machine scream. But with all the goodies, your pocket book might scream as well. :)

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