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May 22, 2013

XBox One ends Used Games?

Microsoft had their big XBox One announcement yesterday. See this CNet link for full details. I kind of stumbled upon part of presentation during lunch. From what I saw, the feature set looks really cool. Built in Skype, some nice TV features, improved voice and gesture control, and of course very beefed up hardware.

However, the big question before the announcement and after was whether Microsoft will support used games. A huge industry has been built around buying, selling, and trading old games. The issue was not addressed in the presentation. However, according to Wired and Gamespot, Microsoft will be changing a fee any time a game is transferred to a new XBox live ID. The fee amount was not disclosed. If you look at the comments on the previous link, the kiddies are NOT happy.

Unless this fee is a trivial amount (for example $1), Microsoft is about to shoot themselves in the foot. Instead of cementing their domination in console gaming, they are opening a door for Sony to re-emerge as the leader. Brilliant!

Should be interesting to see how this plays itself out.

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