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May 7, 2013

Getting Scores with Google

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This is something I stumbled across a few weeks back. Did you know Google can display the scores and standings for most major sports?

Now if you search on "mlb scores", at the top of the results is a nice little app that shows all the scores from yesterdays games. If you search on "mlb standings" you get a nice table showing all the MLB standings.

Now this does not work for all sports, but it does for all the major ones. So far I found it works for:

  • NBA (scores, schedule, standings)
  • MLB (scores, schedule, standings)
  • NFL (scores, schedule, standings)
  • Soccer
    • EPL (results, fixtures, table)
    • La Liga (results, fixtures, table)
    • Serie A (results, fixtures, table)

It works on your desktop or mobile devices. It is a lot quicker and more convenient than most of the crappy sports apps or crappy sports web sites out there.

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