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Mar 26, 2013

Will Google keep Keep?

Last week Google announced a new note taking service similar to Evernote. After the announcement, a lot of folks on the web were a bit skeptical. After Google closed down Reader, Om Malik had this to say. In addition, .net magazine summed up things in this story.

The Keep product itself would seem to be different from Evernote. It seems to focus on taking quick photos or jotting down a quick note, temporary stuff. Evernote can do that, but is is also designed to store or those random thoughts, ideas, and web pages for the long term. For me, Evernote is designed to help you organize the minutiae of life. Keep is web and Android only at this point where Evernote is on everything except Linux. So in my mind they may be a niche for both products.

Google may want to rethink how they "retire" products. Something like Google Reader could easily be sold. In fact, Feedly is planning to develop a replacement back end along with several other companies. If Google had simply talked to a few folks and put a transition plan in place before the announcement, I am guessing that there would not be so many upset people. But if something as popular as Reader can be shut down so unilaterally, folks are gonna be a bit shy about trying new Google products.

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