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Mar 4, 2013

House of Cards on NetFlix

Yesterday I finished watching house of cards on Netflix, a very good series. If Netflix produces a few more shows like this one, they will be very successful. The series (13 episodes) was released all at once instead following a once a week TV model. Another season is currently in production. Note Possible spoilers: I don't think I have given too much away, but if you don't want to take any chances do not read further.

The series is about a Democrat Congressman and his rise to power at any cost. Kevin Spacey is amazing as the lead character, Francis Underwood. An awesome cast of characters gets swept up in the vortex of his maneuverings. It was difficult not to watch all 13 episodes at once. lol.

However, I do have a few quibbles.
  • The way the money people are portrayed is lame. Essentially, the show has only one money person, Remi, who is a lobbyist for a natural gas company. In reality, there are probably dozens of Remi's all wanting some attention. Also, the "money" folks keep an arms length from the Congressman, also silly. One need only look at our dear President Obama to see that is not at all true.
  • The Congressman's wife Claire (played by Robin Wright), has a very confusing backstory. From what I can tell, she is running a water drilling charity. Which does not seem to fit with her character. She supports her husbands political ambitions and seems to be just as ambitious as he is. Then why run some silly little charity??? The show seems to indicate a yearly budget of 1 to 2 million dollars. Wouldn't it make more sense for her to be a lobbyist, journalist, government bureaucrat or corporate executive where she is in a better position to help out? I think the writers really screwed the pooch on this. Wright is perfect as the political trophy wife. However, she should be running the Sierra Club, the EPA, or something that gives her some clout.
  • Finally, toward the end of season, "the press" is closing in on "exposing" some of Underwood's political hardball. But they don't seem to have any real evidence and none of his political tricks would appear to be illegal, they are just seem to be business as usual. I think the writers need to amp up the level of scandal a bit.
I remember the original BBC version of the series from the mid 1990s. I like this version better. Spacey's character is much more charming and at the same time more dangerous in my opinion. Anyway, if you have Netflix, check it out.
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