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Jan 4, 2013

Apple Podcast App worst App ever?

Is Apple's Podcast App the worst App they have every made? Rick Broida at CNET thinks so. And I find it hard to disagree with him. The app is buggy, difficult to use, and lacks a number of features that were included when podcasting was part of iTunes.

This App points out a surprising trend with some Apple software. Too many applications are just not up to standard. If you just copied all the podcast features in iTunes and made an App, you would have a winner. But not only did Apple not do that, they haven't really fixed the Podcast App either. iCloud is another example. Have you every tried using the Notes feature for example? Talk about a mess. When you compare iCloud to something like Dropbox or Google Drive, it is just plain disappointing.

But fear not. This fall Apple had a management shake up to address just these issues. So my hope is, the new leadership will get Apple software applications up to the standards of their hardware and operating systems. I think iTunes 11 was the first sign of this. Such an important application had not been improved or changed since it was first introduced. iTunes v11 shows me changes are afoot.
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