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Dec 14, 2012

Let the Bandwidth Wars Begin!!!

CNET has this story on FreedomPop a new Wireless Internet provider that has a starting price of free. Yes that is right, you can get 1GB of data a month for free. You just need to spend $100 to get a wireless modem. And when I say wireless, I mean wireless. This setup uses ClearWire's WiMax network. In a nutshell, WiMax gives you 4G speeds over a 20 or 30 mile range, so no cable, no phone line is needed. Your Internet modem connects wirelessly to the service provider thus giving you Wifi in the house with no wires!

Need more bandwith? For about $20 you get 2GB a month. For $30, you can get 4GB. That is quite a bit cheaper than any cable for phone company, thus the title of this post. FreedomPop offers the following connection point options:
  • Wireless Router for your House
  • Wireless Modem for you Laptop
  • Wireless case for your iPod touch. With Skype, this would truly give you a sort of IP phone.

Companies like FreedomPop are a good thing. They are gonna give of us lower cost options bringing the cost of Internet down for everyone. Woo hoo! Also checkout ClearWire's offerings. They are promising unlimited 4G for $50 a month. Compared to what I am paying now, that is a smoking deal.
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