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Sep 5, 2012

Nexus 7 v iPad: Form Factor and Performance

A few weeks back I purchased the 8 GB Google Nexus 7 to compare to the iPad 3. So this is a first in a series of posts on the subject. I will try to keep each post short and to the point.

Form Factor
For me this was quite a surprise. I like the Nexus 7 better! The device is so small and lightweight it is easy to take anywhere. It is especially good for reading books or watching movies in bed. Did I say it was light? It really is and that makes a big difference.

Although the iPad gets kind of heavy pretty when reading in bed, it does has some advantages. The larger size makes web browsing a much better experience. Most web sites render normally on an iPad. This differs form the Nexus 7 where about 1/3 of the time, you get the mobile version of the site. Sometimes the mobile sites are good, sometimes not so much.

For raw performance, the Nexus 7 is pretty awesome. I have streamed Netflix movies without a stutter or hiccup. The movies looks great, and the audio sounds just fine. The only problem comes with the android UI. Sometime certain actions like dragging an icon or editing text can be incredibly sluggish. Now I don't think this is a hardware issue, it seems more likely a software issue with the OS. The iPad has a much higher resolution screen, but I really don't notice the difference that much.

So for this category, the nod goes to the iPad. Everything just works a little better. But I think android is getting close.
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