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Aug 6, 2012

Apple Dropping Safari for Windows

Webkit iconIt looks like Apple is discontinuing support for Safari on Windows. With the release of Mountain Lion last week, Safari was updated to version 6. However, there is no Windows version 6 of Safari. When you go to the Apple website for Safari there's no download option if you're using Windows. However, if you Google for Safari 5.1.7 you will see that there is a link to a support site that has the download.

Here are a couple stories detailing the change.
SitePoint: Dropping Windows Safari is a Mistake
MacWorld: Safari 6 Not for Windows

I have to agree with the SitePoint Writer, getting rid of Safari on Windows seems like a bad idea. Although it is not that popular it is very useful as a development tool. Maybe Apple should consider open sourcing the Windows version? It is important for there to be another WebKit browser on Windows other than Chrome.
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