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Jul 1, 2012

Google Chrome and Drive for iOS

Google LogoAt Google IO this week, Google announced Chrome and Drive for iOS. This is a pretty big deal in my opinion, but there wasn't that must coverage. So I have dug up some links if you are interested.
Chrome on iOS
Why put Chrome on iOS? Well the short answer is money. Google make a lot of money from the Chrome browser as it doesn't have to pay to feature its search engine on the browser. In addition, Chrome uses the same HTML rendering engine, Webkit, that Safari does. So in the end, like all the other iOS browsers, Google is just re-skinning the UI.

So how did they do? Good but not great. They have come up with a very clean Chrome like UI. For me, the most annoying thing is no quick access to bookmarks. The iOS Chrome has an options button like the wrench you have on your desktop versions. So to get to your Bookmarks, you must click Options -> BookMarks -> Your Bookmark. That's 3 clicks every time you want a bookmark!!!! Annoying. Now the new Tab feature does show most commonly used pages so as you use your browser, that should be a good way to get to your favorite sites. But come on Google, three clicks? Give me a bookmark button somewhere and a bookmark bar. It is not gonna take up that much real estate.

Google Drive
Sounds like from the review, this app is pretty much read only. But really, at this point is that at all surprising? App integration will take a while and right now, you just don't create that much stuff on an iPad anyway. Read only should be fine.
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