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Jun 15, 2011

Nook Touch Cannot Read Anything on MicroSD Card

After copying some epub books to the MicroSD card of my new Nook Touch (the My Files/Books directory), none of the books can be read. Instead the following error message is displayed:

The Nook cannot read this file. It may be an unsupported format.

Note: They are valid books files and work fine when copied to the free space on the Nook.

Solution: Create a new directory in the My Files directory named My Documents. Once that is done, you can read the books in the My Documents directory or the Books directory.

As to why? It beats me. I called tech support. Got help right away. Waited for the dude to research about 5 minutes. He came back with the answer. It works. Kudo's Barnes and Noble for great customer support.
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