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May 13, 2011

Original iPad Case for iPad 2

Ever since I received my iPad 2, the new fancy magnet cover has not been to my liking. Yes, the Apple iPad 2 cover is cool and innovative with automatic on and off etc... However, it is also flawed. I find the cover does not help me hold the iPad 2. It flops around if you leave it completely open. If you fold it in half, this eliminates the flopping around, but you must unstick the magnets when you close the cover. In addition, I always feel like I am gonna rip the thing off since it is only held on by magnets at the top. And since I spend most of my time holding the iPad 2, the flaws get annoying over time.

For me, the Apple case for the original iPad worked great. Simple, easy to use, and functional.

So I have been looking for someone to come out with the an original style Apple case for the iPad 2. Griffin Technology, makers of many accessories Apple, has done just that.
Griffin Elan Folio Slim
Best Buy: Elan Folio Thin

I guess the case has been out there for a few months, but I just ran across it in Best Buy yesterday. The case is very thin with a fake leather cover. Personally, I prefer the more polyurethane feel of the original Apple case, easy to hold onto, and sticks better to table tops. But the Griffin case is a big improvement over the cover. Please note that in the Best Buy reviews, several customers reported quality issues. I have not experienced any, but will update this post if I do.

Bottom line, if you want the old style case for your iPad 2, this seems to be the best option.

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