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Jul 5, 2010

JavaScript Namespace Example

I am currently working on a personal project that is getting kinda big in regards to the size of the JavaScript code. So it is time to organize the code using JavaScript namespaces. Since I could not remember how I did this in the past, time to create an example! :)

This namespace example puts almost all of the JavaScript code in the Blue namespace. The key point I was missing was the declaration of the space. For example, the namespace can be defined using JSON like this.

   1:var Blue = {
   2:  obj:{}, // Objects
   3:  gen:{}  // General Functions
Note: Line Numbers are unrelated to the actual position of the code in the example

The 3 letter abbreviations separate functions and objects into something similar to Java packages. The package names should be spelled out, but I'm lazy so 3 letter abbreviations for me.

Declare your instance variables and methods with code similar to this.
   1:Blue.obj.List = function(newName){
   2:  this.listName = newName;
   3:  this.itemArr = new Array();
   7:Blue.obj.List.prototype.addItem = function(newItem){
   8:  this.itemArr.push(newItem);
  11:Blue.obj.List.prototype.deleteItem = function(index){
  12:  this.itemArr.splice(item);

It may seem a bit wordy or maybe a bit of overkill at first. However, in the end your code will be much easier to maintain if you use this approach.
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