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Jun 29, 2010

Win7Tip: Set Default DNS Search Domains

Problem: You need to set up Windows to use default Internet search domains for your company. This way you can just enter host names. For example, http://hr instead of

Solution: You can add default search domains pretty easily. The only thing that is hard is to find the actual dialog box to enter the information. :) To get to the dialog do the following.

  1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> View Network Status and Tasks.
  2. Then on the upper left side of the screen click Change Adapter Settings.
  3. Right click the network adapter you are using. Choose Properties.
  4. Select one of the Internet Protocol drivers (either will work). Click Properties.
  5. In the Protocol Dialog, click the Advanced button.
  6. Click the DNS tab.
  7. Halfway down the page you will see a box labeled "Append these DNS Suffixes". Enter your company domains here. For example:

That is it. Simple. :)
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