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May 15, 2008

Don't Upgrade to Nebeans 6.1 if Using Ruby and PHP

I just wasted 15 minutes trying to upgrade to NetBeans 6.1 on OS X. Apparently with 6.1, the PHP language support no longer plays well with anything else. So you can run PHP but not Ruby or Ruby but not PHP (or Java for that matter). Freaking ridiculous.

Thank God I hadn't deleted 6.0.1. Just brought it back and my old project and I was good to go.

A word to the NetBeans developers. I need a simple Project project, that is not Rails, not PHP, not Java WAR, not anything, its just files. Cause sometimes I just want to edit freaking files! With my current project, I am editing a bunch of HTML files which use the Dojo JavaScript library. These in turn can be connected to test PHP scripts or JSPs for testing. I'm testing using PHP and Apache, but the files will be deployed in a J2EE application. NetBeans has great editing features, let me use them.

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