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May 2, 2008

Comment Filtered JSON with Dojo

As you may or may not know, I'm working on a project at work using the Dojo JavaScript Framework. I have been working on the JSON examples. When I tried to use the standard xhr JSON handler for my JSON text, I got a message stating I should use Comment Filtered JSON instead. So what the h*#l is comment filtered json? After must searching around and a little testing I finally figured it out. To prevent some other poor bastard from doing the same search, here is an example.
   2:  "name":"South",
   3:  "type":"COED",
   4:  "size":200,
   5:  "students":["John Smith", "George Washington"]
  10:  "name":"South",
  11:  "type":"COED",
  12:  "size":200,
  13:  "students":["John Smith", "George Washington"]
Lines 1 to 6 are regular JSON text. Lines 8 to 15 are comment filtered. To make JSON text comment filtered, simply put the text in a comment. That's it.
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