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Jan 11, 2008

What makes a good Programmer?

Found this article on referenced on Slashdot about what makes a good programmer. This is a great article. But the basic concepts in here are limited to programming. They could apply to any IT job or almost any job. You definitely want people who are passionate and willing to learn.

A couple things I would add.

#7 Fit

Will you get along with the person you are looking to hire? The person could be the best programmer in the world, but if they won't fit into your group, it won't work out.

#8 Exact Experience is Not Important

Some of the best programmers or writers I have run into/hired often didn't have a lot of experience or any experience in the technology area they were going to work in. But because of their passion and other attributes mentioned in the article, they picked up the new technology quickly and excelled.

In my last job hunt, I talked to a number of employers that wanted to know if I had worked with X technology. (Insert whatever you want to for X.) If I hadn't done exactly X, you could tell they lost interest very quickly. In fact, employers like this generally are not interested in you (fit, passion, ability to learn) at all. They just want a body that can do X. So if you flip this around, lack of passion from an employer may be an indicator to you that this is not a place you want to work.

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