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Jan 30, 2008

iDisk on OS X Leopard

Just ran across something I though I should share. I have a .Mac account to store my address book and for the iDisk functionality. Since I switched to Leopard, it seems like my MacPro often takes a really long time to shutdown.

Well over the last couple of days, I have been adding some documents to my iDisk. I noticed when I had the iDisk window open, that the iDisk itself was syncing. What is this methinks? I like to have the syncing set to manual as one doesn't really need to sync the data all that often. Well by default, it looks like Leopard has everything set to auto sync. And from what I observed, the iDisk must try to sync like every 5 minutes. lol. Because every time I opened the folder, it was trying to sync.

So everything is now set to manual for syncs. We will see if this was causing the slow shutdowns.

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