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Dec 17, 2007

Of Mice and Garage Doors

Last Tuesday or Wednesday on one of the coldest days of the year so far, I went to open the garage door so I could shovel some snow. The door went halfway up, made a mournful wailing sound, and promptly died. I waited a day or so to see if it was just the extreme cold. But alas, on Thursday the old garage door opener (it was about 12 years old in my estimation) was pronounced dead.

So now the terrible task was upon me, find a company to replace the door opener. So being a good geek, I looked up some companies in the phone book and started Googling. I ran across this article from 7 news. They did an investigation last year to see who would charge the best prices to fix a door. From this, I found Arko Garage Doors gave one of the better estimates for the job. And some more Googling around found that several people had called Arko in to fix some messes made by other companies.

So I called them up Friday. Got an appointment for Monday. They showed up on time. They installed a new opener in about an hour and I'm all set. And at a good price, woo hoo!

If you need to repair your garage door or opener in the Denver Metro area, give them a call.

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