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Dec 6, 2007

JotSpot Wiki

While scrounging around some of my site registration data, I found out that I had signed up for JotSpot a while back. If you didn't know, Google bought the company a month or two back. Rumor has it that they are planning to replace Google pages with JotSpot.

I didn't remember playing around with the Wiki, so I have started using it this week. And so far, I'm very impressed. It has all the standard features of most modern wikis. You can edit pages in text or wysiwyg. But what sets it apart is it has a series of applications you can install as wiki pages. For example, a blog application that is simple, yet has all the basic features. A powerful to do list manager that supports hierarchical lists. It also has a project manager app that I haven't tried yet.

My understanding is Google plans to make the application free, which would be awesome. It makes me wonder if I will even need to keep the wiki software on my site. Will I be able to mash it into the page much like I do this blog? Hmmmm. Maybe. I bet it will be part of Google Apps too.

The day is coming where all our applications will run from our browser not from our operating system. And if that day isn't already here, its coming very soon.

According to the home page (, registration is closed until they relaunch under the Google banner. But I do have a form for sending invites. So if you are interested in giving it a try, let me know. We will see if that form works.

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