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Dec 12, 2007

Getting Subversion for Netbeans on Windows

I'm working on a JPA project a work and now that I'm getting into the more advanced stages of the project I wanted to put my code under version control. Being a a fan of OS X, Linux, and Solaris, I'm a bit of a command line weenie and prefer using the command line version of Subversion. However, I was having very little luck finding a command line version for Windows. As I was about to install TortoiseSVN, an SVN plugin for Windows Explorer, I started playing with the Subversion support in Netbeans 6.

When I tried to do anything from the Netbeans 6 Subversion menu, I got an error stating that Netbeans needed a command line version in the system path to use this feature. Much to my delight I was pointed to this site: which contains the latest precompiled versions of subversion clients for a number of OSes. I downloaded the Windows version and installed it. Instant Netbeans command line client for Windows. Thanks Netbeans team!!!! :)

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