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Feb 7, 2013

JavaOne 2012 Presos are on You Tube!

Duke WavingWell the job is done, all the presentations from JavaOne 2012 are now live on YouTube. Woo hoo!

First a shout out to Cindy Church (@vizcue) who uploaded the nearly 500 videos to YouTube. A truly herculean effort! And also to our leader, Peter Fernandez who got the videos and the permission to make this happen. See Cindy's Announcement here.

Everything has been posted to our Oracle Learning YouTube channel. This is where we post any screencasts or short presentations we make. The videos can be about pretty much any product Oracle makes from the database, to Fusion Middleware, to Java, and much more.

For this effort, we created 7 playlists mirroring the conference tracks. They are:
JavaOne 2012: Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
JavaOne 2012: JavaFX and Rich User Experience
JavaOne 2012: Enterprise Service Architecture and the Cloud
JavaOne 2012: Emerging Languages on the JVM
JavaOne 2012: Development Tools and Techniques
JavaOne 2012: Core Java Platform
JavaOne 2012: Java ME, Java Card, Embedded and Devices

Oracle Learning Library (OLL)
Finally, all the playlists are also linked from the Oracle Learning Library. The OLL ( like our own little search engine on Oracle learning related content. Searching this site you will find links to Web tutorials (Oracle by Example or OBEs), screencasts, Web video courses, and links to things like the YouTube channel. This is a good place to come if you are searching for learning on a particular topic.

Anyway, that is the scoop. Enjoy the videos!
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