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Jan 9, 2013

VMWare Fusion 5: Ubuntu VM Hangs on Start with Single Beep

Problem: A VMWare Fusion 5 Linux Mint 13 VM hangs on startup
This is a brand new VMWare Fusion 5.02 install on a Mac Mini running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2. The VM is Linux Mint 13 Maya. After initial installation of the VM, the OS attempts to restart for the first login. The system reboots, the VMWare logo is displayed and some basic boot information. The screen goes blank and emits a single loud beep. Then nothing happens.

After you have restarted the VM, let it boot until you hear the beep. Click on the VM so that your mouse and keyboard are captured. Press CTL-ALT-DEL to restart the VM. Repeat these steps until the system gives you a login prompt. In my case, after rebooting the VM 3 times, I have never had the problem again.

The beep is emitted after the Mint login screen is displayed. For whatever reason, the login screen never gets displayed when this happens. I could guess why the reboot fix worked, but in reality I have no idea.
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