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Jan 9, 2013

Internet TV (Aereo) Coming to a City Near You

Would you like to be able to watch broadcast TV on your computer or iPad? Be able to DVR shows just like you do for cable, but for a whole lot less?

Well you can do that in New York City right now. The service is called Aereo and is coming to a city near you this year. The system works like this, Aereo fills a warehouse full of tiny little TV antennas. The antenna's are good enough to pull in all the HD signals in a metro area. You then rent your own antenna which then streams the signal over the Internet to your home. But it is not just live TV, you get all the DVR features of a cable system as well. The kicker is the price... $80 a year. No not $80 a month, $80 a year. That would probably save most households at least $1200 a year.

The catch is right now you only get the over the air channels. But recently, Aereo cut a deal to include the Bloomberg Business channel. Expect more channels as the service expands and more content providers decide this is a good way to get their content in front of eyeballs.

Cable and satellite TV simply costs too much money for what you get. It is obvious to everyone an ala carte offering over the Internet would be preferable. This may be one of the first steps to make that idea a reality.

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